The Parlor at the Pontchartrain specializes in one-of-a-kind weddings and events, so we do not offer cookie-cutter packages. Below is simply a list of things we know we definitely can and definitely cannot execute flawlessly. If you have zany ideas or off-the-wall plans, we’d love to find a way to make them happen. Just contact us, tell us what you’re thinking, and let us make your New Orleans event or wedding special!

What you are responsible for:

  • Sourcing your own wedding cakes from a bakery in New Orleans

  • Additional decor such as flowers, candles, balloons, etc.

  • Live music, whether you choose a DJ or a band (we’re currently in the process of building out our own sound-system for The Parlor, but it’s not perfect yet)

 What we provide at no extra cost:

  • Anything you could ever want to eat or drink

  • Up to two portable bars

  • China, glass, silver, tables, chairs and any other basic rental items

  • Cutting and serving your wedding cake

  • Full staff - servers, bartenders, and chefs

  • Men and women's bathrooms directly within the event space

Even though we cannot directly provide the items on the “What you are responsible for:” list, we are happy to offer our expertise in the form of advice. After all of these years, we know what will make your New Orleans wedding spectacular or what could make your event unduly stressful.

We’ve worked with most vendors in New Orleans, and we promise to “play nice in the sandbox” with whomever you choose to create your wedding cake, provide your entertainment, or deliver your favorite decorations. After all, it sometimes takes a village to pull off true extravagance!