6 Reasons Why New Orleans is the Perfect Venue for a Destination Wedding

Your wedding is a chance for all of the important people in your life to come together to celebrate you and your future-spouse. They are committing a whole weekend to wishing you their best as you start the next chapter of your life, so shouldn’t you try to repay their kindness by giving them the most memorable time you can? Throwing a destination wedding can be a great way to ensure that your loved ones will have a spectacular weekend together, but you have to make sure you pick the perfect city for the job. Here are 6 reasons why New Orleans would make the perfect destination for your wedding.

  1. New Orleans has mastered the art of showing its visitors a good time. Our city has been a tourist destination for centuries because of the truly singular culture that we’re so proud of, and this long history of tourism means that New Orleans is an expert in all things hospitality. If you want an incredible experience for your wedding weekend, go to a city that specializes in giving people an incredible experience!

  2. Visiting New Orleans is likely a bucket-list vacation for many of your loved ones anyway! New Orleans provides incomparable experiences to people of all ages, phases, and stages. From the WWII Museum to the Children’s Museum, the casino to the art galleries, the food to the music, our beautifully mysterious city provides excitement for wedding guests of all walks of life.

  3. Did we mention the food and the music? New Orleans offers the one-of-a-kind dining options that grew from the unique melting pot of French, Spanish, West African, Native American, Haitian, German, Italian and (most recently) Vietnamese influences. How many other places can claim that complexity in their cuisine? This same mix of cultures that our food was born from also gave shape to our musical history. New Orleans is the birthplace of jazz, brass, and bounce music, and there truly is no better place to take part in an intimately pure musical performance. If you or your guests might enjoy good food or good music, do everyone the favor of using your wedding as an excuse to visit New Orleans. 

  4. Our city has exciting options for weddings of all themes and sizes. It won’t take you very long to find a blow-your-guests-away venue for your reception dinner (we’re partial to Jack Rose, but you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not exploring the many other unique options in the city). Plus, New Orleans has some of the most beautiful churches (ever heard of the St. Louis Cathedral?) and venues for your vows and reception. Of course, we think that The Parlor at the Pontchartrain is your best option; no one can accuse us of not being confident in our abilities!

  5. Speaking of the Pontchartrain, you and your guests will need to find a place to stay! While there are fantastic hotels of all sizes and price ranges in New Orleans, do yourself a favor by starting your search with The Pontchartrain Hotel

  6. Where the hell else can you walk around 300-year old streets in your wedding gown or tux (or your cape or your skivvies, New Orleanians are accepting of everyone), leading a “second-line” parade of your favorite people in the world with a jazz band at your back? 

No city can offer visitors more culture and comfort than New Orleans. Let our city make executing the hard details of hosting a destination wedding look easy so that you and your guests can focus on the best part of the wedding - celebrating you! 

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